Woman is looking to postpone suit against company which hired truck driver involved in Fallen 7 crash

Fallen 7 crash

DOVER, N.H. (B-N.C) — Mary Lou Welch – a woman who lost her partner in a “Fallen 7” crash last year, where were killed seven motorcyclists is looking to postpone her legal action to company which hired Volodymyr Zhukovskiy, a truck driver involved in the accident.

As AP reports, an information recently appeared in court documents says that there is scheduled Mediation efforts on September in an insurance case involving the company. Therefore lawyers for Mary Lou Welch asking to postpone her case until Oct. 1.

Mary Lou Welch sued Westfield Transport of Massachusetts for emotional distress after the crash last June in Randolph, N.H. where Mary Welch lost her long time partner, Albert “Woody” Mazza Jr., who also was the President of Jarheads MC at that time.

The truck driver, Volodymyr Zhukovskiy who was arrested and charged in seven counts of negligent homicide, seven counts of negligent homicide-DUI, seven counts of manslaughter, one count of aggravated DUI and one count of reckless conduct pleaded not guilty. The Westfield Transport of Massachusetts also was unsuccessfully trying to dismiss Mary Lou Welch lawsuit.

Pilgrim Insurance the company which is the insurer of Westfield Transport of Massachusetts on its turn asked a federal court to divide its $1 million liability policy and relieve it of its obligation to defend the business against civil litigation.

by Eric Silbermann, biker-news.com

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