Six motorcycle clubs in four cities across Western Australia were raided by police during last month

B-N.C – A month long “Operation Distributor” carried by police was aimed on six motorcycle clubs in four cities across Western Australia.

Police raided God’s Garbage MC, Gypsy Joker MC, Coffin Cheaters MC, Club Deroes MC, Mongols MC and The Rebels MC in Albany, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and Bunbury.

As a result of multiple raids on bikie’s homes and clubhouses by the words of police steroids, drugs, $63,000, weapons and four H-D bikes were seized. Some of the guns seized by police had their serial numbers removed.

Nearly 20 people were arrested including the South West president of the Rebels, Mickhail Shepherdson, who is facing a range of drug-related charges. Total amount of warrants executed was close to 30. The charges include possessing a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply, possessing a prohibited drug, possession of a prohibited weapon and wilfully destroying evidence.

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