Netherlands: More tough approach to motorcycle clubs through civil prohibitions


Holland (B-N.C) – The civil law prohibitions of some motorcycle clubs strengthen the joint efforts of the local government, police, tax authorities, FIOD, Public Prosecution Service (PPS) and the Royal Netherlands Police. This is evident from the “Progress Report Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs 2019” that Minister of Justice and Security Grapperhaus sent to the House of Representatives today.

The Progress Report provides insight into the effects of the joint approach by the government and the results of the criminal, administrative and fiscal approach to motorcycle clubs. Last year, the partners of the integrated approach continued to make every effort to get a grip on the MC problems.

According to the cooperating partners, the civil prohibitions have led to banned clubs being less visible in public space. For example, the court of appeal in The Hague has ruled on appeal that the ban against Satudarah MC, the largest motorcycle club in the Netherlands, will stand. No Surrender MC and Hells Angels MC have also been banned at first instance. Motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh Main Triad MC came into the picture nationally and in a very short time in criminal investigations in 2018. In 2019, therefore, the Public Prosecution Service filed a petition to have this club also declared prohibited.

Serious crimes and undermining activities committed by (members of) MCs, however, continue to pose a threat to the rule of law. There is admittedly a slight decrease in the number of members and “criminal motorcycle clubs” that the police have identified nationwide. At the same time, new “criminal motorcycle clubs” have also emerged, and the number of incidents involving clubs and individual members remains a cause for concern. MC members are often involved in criminal practices including drug trafficking, money laundering, harassment and threats to local government and entrepreneurs. The joint approach to “criminal motorcycle clubs” therefore remains as important as ever.

The measures taken by Minister Grapperhaus in the Broad Offensive against Subversive Crime will also further contribute to tackling “criminal motorcycle clubs”. In addition, the coalition agreement announced that there will be a ban on them. At the moment, there is an initiative bill in the House of Representatives by member Kuiken (PvdA) for this purpose. In addition, a bill by Minister Dekker for Legal Protection is in the House of Representatives that, in addition to the initiative proposal, generally makes it easier to ban organizations (under civil law).

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