Prosecutors demands up to twelve years in prison for Caloh Wagoh MC attack on Telegraaf

Caloh Wagoh

Holland (B-N.C) – Where some suspects of justice only have to go to jail for a few months because of (supporting) roles in thefts, the Public Prosecution Service demands penalties of five to twelve years for the main suspects.

The prosecutors today extensively outlined in their requisitoir in the highly secured ‘bunker’ in Amsterdam-Osdorp the ‘planned and sophisticated’ cooperation of the suspects who ’caused enormous fear in society’.

A video presentation about the attack on De Telegraaf clearly shows it, according to the prosecutors.

The group delivered ‘fast cars’ – ‘chickies’ in their code language – on the assembly line – which were used as a getaway car for the wild shooting that killed 17-year-old innocent intern Mohamed Bouchikhi in a community center in Amsterdam in early 2018. Wittenburg. And also during the liquidation of father and son René and René van Doorn in April 2017 in Zoetermeer.

Often these were fast, dark BMWs of a few years old that were taken with professional equipment. They were then ‘standard’ equipped with bottles of petrol and lighters so that the users could eventually set them on fire.

The group also seemed to want to supply a getaway car to members of the motorcycle gang Caloh Wagoh, associated with multiple liquidation suspect Ridouan Taghi. That Seat would be used for the attack on the office building in which the editorial office of Panorama is located, on June 21, 2018 at Amsterdam-Sloterdijk.

The main suspect Bilal ‘Junkie’ el H. (26) and his right-hand man Nabil D. (29) seem to have been personally involved in three or four observations of the home of former spy shop owner Danny M .. Who had encrypted the underworld for years smartphones delivered. He has been the target of violence since the computer server used by his company was seized in Canada, providing the detective with a huge pile of evidence against serious criminals.

Members of Caloh Wagoh were arrested on the highway with an automatic weapon and gloves after being seen at Danny M.’s house in Nijmegen.

According to prosecutors, Bilal el H. and Nabil D. were the pivots in the group. Bilal el H. is the cousin of Iliass K. (32), aka ‘Lip’, who has been on remand for years for involvement in three liquidations. He managed to call Nabil D. from prison after the attack on De Telegraaf .

On the night of June 26, 2018, five days after the attack on the editorial office of Panorama , at least six members of the group committed the attack on the Telegraaf building on Amsterdam-Sloterdijk, according to justice . Prosecutors spoke of “a slap in the face of the free press” that shocked the country.

“The attacks on Panorama and De Telegraaf and the continuing threat to journalists show that a free press and a free society cannot be taken for granted. If that foundation, the core of our democracy, is compromised, something is really going on. ”

The detective quickly identified the main suspects because their phones had been tapped since a tip and their movements were monitored via gauges under ‘their’ cars. In retrospect, data was added about cell towers that had beamed their smartphones and, for example, images from surveillance cameras and observations.

The perpetrators drove to De Telegraaf ‘s premises at night with a Audi stolen from Breda and a Volkswagen Caddy stolen in the Saaftingestraat in Amsterdam-Osdorp .

The driver of the Volkswagen maneuvered it around the ‘quietly forced’ barrier and between the planters and then rammed the glass facade of the building. The driver of the Audi, meanwhile, waited with the lights extinguished on the bike path.

Camera images show how the Volkswagen Caddy was stranded twice against the protective construction at the bottom of the facade. The driver then got out to set fire to the van, which was full of fuel cans. The flames rose up to 8 meters high, soot spots were later visible in the hall of the building at a height of 20 meters.

The driver of the van, according to the police, probably prime suspect Bilal el H., then stepped into the Audi side, which drove via the Coentunnel to the Noordkaperweg in Amsterdam-Noord. The perpetrators probably fled further from there in a Peugeot 208. The Audi was burnt down on Noordkaperweg the day after the attack.

According to the prosecutors, the intercepted telephone conversations – in slang and often in obscure terms, but easy to follow – and movements of the suspects show professional cooperation. The summary, late statements made by some do not undermine the evidence. Others remain silent, although according to the judiciary ‘they do have something to explain’.

Justice cannot prove that the attacks on Panorama and De Telegraaf were commissioned by the group around Ridouan Taghi, after they had recently published about his criminal organization.

by Eric Silbermann for

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