R.I.P. Donald Charles Davis aka Rebel

Donald Charles Davis aka Rebel passed away at the evening on 19 June 2020 after five-day struggling for his life because of critical head injury in accident fall.

Donald Charles Davis aka Rebel was a founder of The Aging Rebel site and an author of several books on motorcycle clubs thematic.

He was an ardent defender of the Way of Life we Live.

What did he wrote about himself:

The Aging Rebel has lived what cynics call an “interesting” life that has included writing for two newspapers.

He was hired by a daily in Massachusetts by mistake when he applied for a job on the loading dock. And, he was fired from another paper in Indiana when, as his Editor put it, that fine journal decided “to project an image of professionalism and respectability.”

He has also been fired from jobs at magazines and has unsuccessfully pursued careers as an autoworker, laborer, ditch digger, warehouseman, window maker, house framer, art forger, novelist and telephone salesman.

Because he loves children, he has always done his best to keep the world from running out of a babies. And, because he loves women he is usually married. Generally unemployed, he likes motorcycles and lifting weights and his ambitions include winning the lottery. Some people say he now lives, more or less, in El Lay.

Biker-News.com expresses sincere condolences to his family, friends and loved once.

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