Witness: The brawl between Mongols and Hells Angels started suddenly

Hells Angels vs Mongols

We received an e-mail from the man who saying that he was a witness of a brawl between Hells Angels and Mongols in Valley View, Ohio, where one member was stabbed and another was fatally shot. Here what he writes:

Hells angels and Mongols got into it at a gas station near me. I see it just got posted in the news. I was actually riding in the Valley area park and was at the gas station when it happened as the area is popular with riders in general.

A couple patched Hells Angels members were getting fueled up. Two riders with Mongols colors pulled up in the port adjacent to them. They started fueling. Everyone was minding their business.

Suddenly two guys are rolling around on the ground just like that. I know they are rivals but not sure what actually caused the sudden brawl out of the blue.

It happened suddenly.

Next thing we know, we are hearing gunshots. One of the bikers got stabbed, another pulled a gun in self defense.  End result is one guy stabbed, one dead. The guy that got stabbed and shot the other was let go by the police today as it was determined it was self defense and the patched member had a legal CCW license.

I know the guy that owns the station.

Apparently, according to the store, they pulled the External store Video near the pumps and it clearly shows the guy that did the stabbing was the instigator and the member that was stabbed pulled his gun only after being attacked with the knife. Open and shut case of self defense.

It is not clear yet whether the brawl was started by Mongols or Hells Angels.

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Eric Silbermann for biker-news.com