New judges for two suspected in Caloh Wagoh trial

Caloh Wagoh

Two suspects in the liquidation process around motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh get new judges. 

It concerns Guyno O. and Ferrel T. They were convicted in earlier proceedings by two of the same judges as in this trial for, among other things, murder. The court therefore calls it “conceivable” that there is a fear that the case of the two “cannot be handled openly”. It is not clear when the process will continue for them.

O. and T. were sentenced to 26 years in prison for the murder of Hakim Changachi early last year. He was shot dead on January 12, 2017 in Utrecht. Changachi was the victim of a mistake, the murderers had actually targeted a man who lived in the same apartment, on the Faustdreef in the Overvecht district.

Justin Jap Tjong was also reportedly involved in this murder. He was shot dead shortly after the murder of Changachi, probably because someone had to “pay” for the mistake. The murder of Jap Tjong is part of the current motorcycle club trial called Eris. O. and T. are also suspected of involvement in this murder.

Murder broker of the underworld

Motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh has been called the murder broker of the underworld. According to justice, a murder on order could be arranged. According to the public prosecutor, the way in which people talk about human lives is “shocking”. 50-year-old Caloh Wagoh leader Delano R. is prime suspect. He is said to have directed several murder commands.

Ridouan Taghi, who was arrested in Dubai in December, is said to have been the gang’s main ‘customer’. The Public Prosecution Service has not yet decided whether to prosecute him in Eris. Taghi is already being prosecuted in another very extensive liquidation process, called Marengo. That too revolves around a series of criminal statements.

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Source: Ijmuider Courant