Lorain, Oh.: Man killed by stray bullet


LORAIN, OHIO — A man is dead after being hit by a stray bullet early Friday evening.

Lorain police responded to a home at the corner of West 20th Street and Garden Avenue about 5 p.m. for a report of shots fired and that a man had been hit.

David Jeffries, of Lorain, was on the porch with the man killed. They, and others from the Sophisticated Gents Motorcycle Club were sitting on the porch when a fight broke out down the street from them, Jeffries said.

“Next thing we knew, we heard gunshots,” he said. Neighbors said they heard about five gunshots.

The men scrambled to get inside.

The man who was shot was hit just as he got his foot in the door, collapsing into the house in a pool of blood, Jeffries said.

A neighbor who lives a couple of houses down and is a nurse ran in to try to help the man, other witnesses said. She reportedly used towels to try to stop the bleeding until LifeCare workers got to the scene. He was transported to Mercy Health Lorain, according to family friends.

Neighbors said the area is normally very quiet, and children usually would be playing outside near the house where the man was shot.

Further information, including confirmation of the victim’s identity, was not available Friday evening.

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Source: The Chronicle-Telegram by Carissa Woytach