Hells Angels Alphington: Bikie relative allegedly threatens murder


A woman believed to have close family ties to an Alphington Hells Angels member has allegedly been threatening to have bikies kill her children’s father.

A woman who police say walked into Knox police station carrying a gun has allegedly been threatening to have Hells Angels bikies kill her children’s father.

And police believe the woman does have close family ties to the motorcycle ckub’s Alphington chapter, Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court has heard.

The unemployed woman appeared before the court on Monday, August 10 to have a second shot at bail after being locked up almost two months ago.

The court heard she allegedly threatened to kill her ex-partner via text on June 16.

Her texts to him allegedly said she would bring “a pack of 81s” with her to get her children, which Senior Constable Phillip Aiello said police understood to refer to Hells Angels bikies.

The mother allegedly sent a series of texts and video messages, including one video of her making a gun motion with her hands.

On June 17 she allegedly texted the victim that she knew someone who had murdered two “nomads”, which Senior Constable Aiello said police understood to mean two junior Hells Angels members.

The court heard the victim feared for his family’s safety, believing the woman did have access to firearms.

Senior Constable Aiello said police understood the woman had a relative who had a leading role in the gang’s Alphington chapter.

He said police didn’t believe there was any reason to grant bail, particularly as she had been on bail when she allegedly sent the new texts.

She was also on bail after she allegedly walked into Knox police station with a firearm on her on July 11, 2019.

Senior Constable Aiello said the woman, who police believed to be drug affected, walked into the watch house foyer and opened her jacket to show an officer she had a handgun on her.

She was also allegedly carrying a pink flick knife and methamphetamine.

The court heard she was believed to be a regular user of methamphetamine and cannabis.

Lawyer Chris Brydon said his client suffered from significant mental health issues, having previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder.

He said the 52 days she had spent in custody had been particularly burdensome because of restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Brydon said the woman had been deemed able to receive supervision and treatment from the Court Integrated Services Program if she was released on bail.

Magistrate Ian Alger agreed with Mr Brydon that she risked spending longer waiting in custody for her case to resolve than a jail term she might be sentenced to due to delays in the court system.

He granted her bail with strict conditions, including a curfew and a requirement she provide any phone number she uses to the police.

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Source: Herald Sun