Niagara police searching for biker who sped past while giving a ‘middle finger salute’

Niagara police are searching for a motorcyclist they say sped by an officer Tuesday while “giving a middle finger salute.”

The biker rode past while the officer was conducting radar enforcement on Canboro Road in Pelham four times at “almost 3 times the speed limit,” according to a tweet from the service’s traffic enforcement unit.

Const. Phil Gavin said the road has a speed limit of 50 km/h, but the officer clocked the motorcycle travelling at 145 km/h on one pass and more than 150 km/h on another.

Police believe the biker was using the offensive hand gesture to try and bait the officer into chasing him, he added.

“The officer determined that the increased risk to public safety from a pursuit was not justified at the time,” Gavin explained.

Police say they are continuing to investigate and believe the driver is a local resident.

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Source: CBC