Toy Run for Kids returns to Richmond: Oct. 4 event to benefit local resident

A toy run for kids that proved successful during its debut in Richmond last fall will return to Richmond Moose Lodge #2575 in October.

Members of the Richmond City Council recently approved a special event request made by Richmond Moose Lodge #2575 and the Michigan Dressers Motorcycle Club to host the 33rd annual Toy Run for Kids.

The event, which will include a live band, food, cash bar and raffles, is set to run from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 4. In addition to a brief parade of motorcycles and cars downtown, the public is welcome to stop by the lodge and support the event, too.

Admission is one new unwrapped toy or a $10 donation.

At the meeting City Manager Jon Moore told the council that they will be going to the state to get a section of Grand Trunk closed after the run to provide for social distancing.

“They would like to keep that section closed for the afterglow party so people can social distance better while they celebrate after the run,” Moore said.

Other than that change, the event would be the same as last year’s in term of roads utilized. Moore said the city would close Grand Trunk from Main Street to the point where it curves and goes out to Howard Street from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Depending on when the crowd starts to disperse the street might be opened earlier.

The city’s police and fire departments has been notified about the event because they came out and helped last year. Moore said the officers helped stop traffic to allow bikes to get through intersections and get down certain streets.

Robert Bartholomew, of the Michigan Dressers, said they chose a local resident to be the recipient of the proceeds from the event this year, which should boost attendance by local residents.

“We hope that we pull a lot better for a more local turnout and give the whole town something to celebrate because it’s hard to find things to celebrate now,” Bartholomew said.

Council member Dennis LaFore said he believes everything went well with the event last year and Mayor Tim Rix said replied, “Yes it did.”

“It was a great event last year. I went on it, and it was very well organized. The Dressers did a great job, and the Moose did a great job,” Rix said. “And I think with the COVID-19 it’s warranted to close off the front; we were stuffed back there last year but for a first year it was very successful I felt.”

Rix said there should be a whole lot more people there this year, not just bikers, especially since there’s a local recipient of the funds.

Council approved the special event request and also placement of a small banner promoting the event to be placed on grass near Grand Trunk and M-19 beginning Sept. 18.

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Source: The Voice by Barb Pert Templeton