Bikers gather for Sturgis Bike Night to financially benefit community

Bikers Rally

STURGIS, Ky. (WFIE) – The Sturgis Poker Run took place in Union County on Saturday – an event held in place of the popular Kentucky Bike Rally, which was cancelled due to COVID-19.

However, Sturgis Bike Night was also planned to provide another way to give back to charities, organizations and small businesses in the community.

The rain was initially a slight cause for concern, but community members say a little rain wouldn’t cancel the event.

Donation buckets were set up around North Adams Street. All donations will be given to UCWEECAN – an organization focused on stopping child abuse.

After talking to some bikers and community members who participated on Saturday, they say these donation buckets are just one of the ways this event is helping out the community.

“We’re just going to ask people to social distance,” Carlene Thomas, owner of Custom Biker Wear said. “In Morganfield, they had a couple of weeks ago a block party downtown with the band outside on the street – not nothing was said about that. They had the river bash with about 500-600 people that left out of Uniontown, Kentucky, and nobody said anything about that. So they need to just leave us alone and let us do the best we can because we didn’t get to have the rally. We’re just trying to make up a little business for the people in town.”

Signs were put up around the pavilion to remind people to wear masks and social distance, but people in the community said this would be hard to enforce.

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Source: 14 News