Sikh Motorcycle Club rides to Sudbury to show appreciation to front line workers.

SUDBURY — More than 25 members from the SIKH motorcycle community rode from the Greater Toronto Area to Sudbury to show their appreciation for front line workers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Making stops at the OPP station, Health Sciences North, and City Hall, SIKH presented a plack to the Ontario Provincial Police, staff at Health Sciences North, Greater Sudbury Police, and the Greater Sudbury Fire Department.

“It’s actually pretty incredible to see the support for first responders, during such a critical time in our history, from this COVID beginning to now,” said Sargent Daryl Adams.

“You can just feel the positive energy here. What an incredible group of people from the SIKH community, and we welcome them here in Sudbury.”

This is the seventh ride the SIKH community has taken part in since the beginning of pandemic, but their first time in Northern Ontario.

SIKH spokes person Jagdeep Singh said the group focuses on selfless services as one of their core values.

“We really want to enhance that, basically being a snow ball effect by doing this repeatedly in the community.”

The SIKH community plans on continuing their bike rallies and showing appreciation to front line workers as well as making more stops in Northern Ontario when it is safe to do so.

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Source: CTV News