Caloh Wagoh MC trial: Liquidation suspect comes with an alibi

Caloh Wagoh

A suspect in the murder trial against members of Caloh Wagoh MC has stated that he had an alibi for the day of the murder of Justin Jap Tjong, according to the Algemeen Dagblad . Jap Tjong was shot in January 2017 in Amsterdam. 33-year-old Ferman D. is suspected of complicity in the liquidation.


On Monday there was another pro forma hearing in the secured court at Schiphol in the case in which twenty suspects are on trial for various liquidations. Justice thinks Ferman D. acted as a driver. He now says that on the evening in question he celebrated his thirtieth birthday with family and on the day of the murder he was in the region of The Hague all day. The court has ordered the prosecutor to scrutinize his story.

Pre-trial detention

In decrypted pgp chats a certain “Ferry” emerges who allegedly participated in the liquidation, which could mean D.

The court rejected the request of D.’s lawyer to immediately suspend the pre-trial detention because of the seriousness of the suspicion.

Other suspects on trial for the murder of Justin Jap Tjong include Delano “Keylow” R., Jermaine B., Moriën J., Orhan P., Ferrel T. and Guyno O .. Roël T. (58) was released in February.

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Source: Crimesite