The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club helps clean up Deridder


LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -While so much progress has been made already, many communities across Southwest Louisiana are still picking up the pieces Hurricane Laura left behind, which is why the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club decided to help clean up Saturday.

Sharing a name with the African American soldiers who fought in the U.s. Army post-Civil-War, the Buffalo Soldiers motorcycle club came to make a difference in Deridder.

“We’re just a bunch of people who ride steel horses, our motorcycles, and we do ‘good in the hood’,” said Nathan “Motown” Mack, President for the National Association of Buffalos Soldiers “We go to different communities and make things happen to change the community for the better.”

Motorcyclists from all over the country including Louisiana, Texas, and even Alabama came to assist in cleaning debris left behind by the hurricane.

“Right now we’re going to continue to work and continue to put debris out on the street. and we’re going to feed people today, right as well,” Mack said. “People who come out, we’re going to feed them and take care of them that way too.”

It’s help, Mayor Misty Clanton said, Deridder is thankful to have.

“We faced a lot of damage and the remnants of this storm will be something that we look at for a long time,” Clanton said. “So we’re very thankful that groups like the Buffalo Soldiers and many others have come to our community to help us clean up and to help us see a little bit of normal again. You look around there’s a lot of blue roofs, there’s a lot of tarping, a lot of property damage, a lot of debris left to clean up, so we still have a long ways to go, but I’m very impressed by the progress we’ve made withIn the last month.”

One hundred thirty-seven soldiers came out to help the Deridder community.

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Source: 7KPLC