Liquidation process Caloh Wagoh continues with interim sessions

Caloh Wagoh MC

In the extra secure courtroom at Schiphol, the court will start a new mid-term hearing round in the extensive liquidation process surrounding motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh on Thursday. The cases against seventeen suspects are spread over Thursday and Friday. According to the prosecution, Caloh Wagoh acted as a “murder broker” for the underworld and the club carried out liquidations on order.

A central role in this would be the 50-year-old Delano R., co-founder of the motorcycle club. The Public Prosecution Service has statements from crown witness Tony de G. from Spijkenisse for evidence. Both R. and De G. are among the suspects who will be discussed on Thursday.

In addition to the statements of regret officer De G., the Public Prosecution Service filled the file with an endless amount of decrypted messages between suspects. There was no ado about murders. A large part of those messages were found with R.

According to the judiciary, R. (aka Keylow) worked for the highest bidder. He is said to have put three separate murder squads to work. “A well-oiled machine”, that’s how the Public Prosecution Service described the organization.

Ridouan Taghi is said to have been R. and his people’s main customer. Taghi is the main suspect in the Marengo case, the other mega lawsuit about liquidations that the judiciary has been busy with for a few years. The investigation is about murders before January 2017. The Eris investigation, as the case against Caloh Wagoh is called, concerns murders after that date.

In addition to actually executed liquidations, the Eris investigation focuses on attempts and preparations for this. Earlier this year, it was announced that ‘Keylow’ would also have been busy planning the murder of Robin van O. He was arrested in June as the main suspect of the group that, among other things, had a torture chamber for criminals in a shed in Wouwse Plantage in Brabant. had rigged.

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Source: Haarlems Dagblad