Local Caloh Wagoh MC leaders from Wageningen jailed for ‘punishing’ members

Caloh Wagoh

The court in Arnhem finds it proven that President Peter B. (45) and Robert P. (29) as leaders of the chapter Gitano Azul of motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh, took the lead in beating their clubmate. 

In July 2018, this 56-year-old man was met in broad daylight in front of his home in Wageningen and was hit into a car under the eyes of his girlfriend and taken away. The men brutally took off his club colors. 

His fellow brothers had been looking for the Wageninger for a while, angry because the man did not pay back borrowed money. He therefore had to give up his debit card and was then ‘accommodated’ with a fellow club member in Amersfoort. 

The penalties against President B. and Vice President P. are much less than the prosecutor’s demand. Both leaders wanted to put it away for four years. The court imposes 18 months on them, of which 6 months conditionally. 

Own rules

Two other members of the Calow Wagoh chapter were given three months in prison and community service of 180 and 120 hours respectively for their roles in the case. The judges blame the suspects that within the ‘outlaw motor gang their own rules applied, which do not show any respect for the rules that apply in Dutch society.’

The motorcycle club members are not allowed to make any contact with the victim for 3 years. They also have to pay him 750 euros in grief money. Since the incident, the Wageninger has lived under false names at secret addresses.

The kidnapping also meant the end of the motorcycle club in Soest. The chapter was disbanded by the president himself after the arrests. 

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Source: de Gelderlander