Police: Erratic, oblivious motorcyclist found with ‘large quantity of meth’ after Waite Park crash


MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Waite Park police say a motorcyclist who was seen driving erratically before crashing early Wednesday morning was possessing a “large quantity of meth.”

An officer first spotted the 33-year-old Albany man just after 2:30 a.m. on 3rd Street North. The officer followed for some time without the biker even noticing, witnessing him weave, accelerate suddenly multiple times and speed through several red lights.

When the officer attempted to pull him over, the biker crashed near County Road 138th and 34th Avenue South. He was taken to St. Cloud Hospital, then to the Stearns County Jail.

Besides carrying a lot of methamphetamine, the man’s driver’s license had been cancelled for past dangerous driving.

He is expected to face several felony charges. WCCO does not typically identify suspects before they’ve been formally charged.

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Source: CBS Minnesota