Traveling nationwide effort, Bikers for Trump, rides through Winnebago County

LARSEN, WI (WLUK) — “We got to support our man, that’s the deal,” said one Trump supporter.

Bikers across northeast Wisconsin are gathering in Larsen, to ride in the Bikers for Trump rally.

“We always come to support our president,” said another.

“The people always ask me, Why are the bikers here?” And I tell them, the president tells it how it is, he wears it on his sleeve,” said South Carolina’s, Chris Cox, founder of Bikers for Trump.

Cox says when the President announced his run for President in 2015.

He says the rally has a mission,

“We have a voter registration platform that most of the bikers have on their cell phones, you can register right there on the spot,” said Cox.

Bikers for Trump is expecting over 200 riders for Saturday’s rally. But local Democrats have a much different campaign plan in mind.

“We’re just going to keep doing what we are doing, which is, following safety protocols, and doing what we can to keep our members and the community safe,” said Brown County Democratic Party Chair, Michael Moran.

Moran says the reason why the Democrats are not holding in-person events for the Biden-Harris campaign, is the coronavirus.

“I would tell people who want to do those events is: so do we. But more importantly, I want to be able to do those events: next year, in two years, in four years from now. And we can’t do that if people are getting sick and dying,” said Moran.

Cox says he is not concerned about hosting the event during the pandemic.

“Yesterday I just went to the local dump, there were hundreds of masks floating around the ground, being blown around. If this were a true pandemic there would be detox, there would be hazardous material ripping around there. People wouldn’t be allowed to go in there,” said Cox.

“My concern with these events is that it will become super spreader events and these people will bring covid back to their communities,” said Moran.

Cox is hoping Bikers for Trump rallies will leave a lasting impression nationwide,

“They are going to feel energized, they are going to come back, So my goal is that people keep talking about this up to November 3rd,” said Cox.

“I always say, if you have the bikers behind you, you have a pretty good chance,” said an attendee.

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Source: ABC 15 News