Finks Gold Coast bikie jailed for drug supply

Tayne Clarkson, 21

Tayne Clarkson, 21, who was described by mainstream media as president of the Gold Coast chapter of Finks MC, sentenced by Mt Druitt Local Court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to drug supply.

Clarkson trolled the police on social media when he was on the run from them in Queensland due to an alleged armed robbery in a company and causing grievous bodily harm, and that trolling played a cruel joke on him.

According to police documents they tracked and arrested Tayne with help of his Instagram page, where Clarkson taunted police about evading arrest and posted “F *** Raptor. They can’t catch me.”

The ending was predictable – the police tracked him to a house on Rymill Rd, Tregear and arrested him during a car stop on the Great Western Highway, Mount Druitt on 23 July.

Police searched his car and found 16g of the MDMA in rock form inside and he pleaded guilty to one count of supplying a prohibited drug.

During sentencing hearings at Mt Druitt Local Court on Wednesday, Clarkson’s barrister insisted that drugs was for personal use and for sharing with friends but not for sale.

However, Magistrate James Gibson the judge did not take into account lawyers arguments and decided the drugs were in Clarkson’s possession for the purposes of dealing to others for profit.

As Daily Telegraph reports, Magistrate James Gibson said:

“The fact he is on the run and the drugs are found in a rock form … I’m satisfied beyond reasonable doubt the drugs in his possession were for the purposes of supply, at least in some part, and he was seeking to gain from it and make a financial profit.”

“The items were found in the possession of the accused at the time when he was fleeing serious charges in Queensland … the only inference I can make, taking into account the amount which the drug was found in rock form and the fact he would’ve not had legitimate means of support, was he had possession of those drugs for use for himself and for the supply.”

During the hearings revealed that Clarkson was wanted on two warrants by QLD Police at the time of his arrest for violent offences.

He was jailed for seven months, with a non-parole period of four months and faces extradition back to Queensland in November.

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