Florida cops swerved to knock man off motorbike after trying to pull him over

A Florida police vehicle knocked a motorcyclist off his bike during a high-speed chase Sunday along a freeway and was captured on video. 

In a pair of videos uploaded to social media, several Florida Highway Patrol vehicles are seen chasing someone on a motorcycle on Florida’s Turnpike in Delray Beach, 55 miles north of Miami. 

The chase occurred next to a procession of bikers participating in the West Palm Beach Breast Cancer Awareness Ride Out, the Daily Mail reported. A Highway Patrol vehicle is seen speeding on the shoulder of the freeway in an attempt to get to the biker. 

A distance away, an FHP unit is seen apparently crashing into the back of the motorcyclist, who then skids across the freeway and crashes into a median.

The man tries to get up and is quickly tackled by troopers. It was not clear why he was being pursued. 

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Source: Fox News