New Zealand: Funeral of national Black Power president Whenu “Sarge” McKinnon

Whenu 'Sarge' McKinnon

The Black Power have released a rare glimpse of what happens at a senior gang member’s funeral.

National Black Power president Whenu ‘Sarge’ McKinnon died nearly two weeks ago, with members of Black Power and rival gangs paying tribute to the Tokoroa leader.

Now the gang has released footage of McKinnon’s funeral, detailing the leader’s send off.

In it, hundreds of people wearing black and blue colours are seen making their way to the service, with a number of people seen hanging out of car windows and flying Black Power flags.

Funeral-goers are seen raising their fist in the air in memory McKinnon, a gesture representing the Black Power logo.

Outside the marae McKinnon’s funeral took place at, a spine-tingling haka was performed as the president was carried out of the reception.

McKinnon’s casket was covered in flax weavings before being taken to the marae for people to grieve.

The president’s casket is then seen being walked into the marae where people can pay their respects.

The video cuts to the Black Power continuing with their tangi plans – an evening party at the marae where gathers are drinking and pay tribute to McKinnon.

A number of Black Power bikies are seen lining the streets doing burnouts before McKinnon is taken by a truck to his final resting place.

McKinnon’s tribute sendoff video was accompanied with the song ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ by Coolio.

Members of the Mongrel Mob were also seen in attendance.

It represents a change in gang life, where both Black Power and the Mongrel Mob are allegedly prepared to live in peace.

Mongrel Mob president Sonny Fatu and a range of Black Power senior members including McKinnon began talks in 2018 to unite against the emergence of a new Australian motorcycle gang, the Comancheros.

In 2018, McKinnon said a new, joint outlook was necessary to ensure survival – not just of the clubs, but of themselves too.

“I no longer see the Mongrel Mob as my enemy. I see you fullas as my brothers,” he said.

“Everyone is coming against us. Everyone that is not Black Power or Mongrel Mob, we have to consider to be against us.”

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Source: NZ Herald