Drugs, Guns and Cash seized in police raid on the Rebels MC and Coffin Cheaters MC in Perth

Gang Crime Squad officers from Perth deployed to the Pilbara as part of an operation targeting members and associates of the Rebels MC, Coffin Cheaters MC, and their respective feeder clubs.

Six search warrants were executed resulting in the following items being seized:

  • 3 x firearms (1 x shotgun and 2 x pen guns)
  • Several prohibited weapons, including:
    • Knuckle-dusters
    • Taser
    • Flick knife
  • Approximately 100 rounds of ammunition
  • Various prohibited drugs, including:
    • Methylamphetamine
    • Dexamphetamine tablets
    • Cannabis
    • 500ml of a liquid believed to be GHB
  • Drug paraphernalia, including:
    • Meth pipe
    • Scales (with a trace of Cocaine)
  • $22,515.00 cash

Gang Crime Squad officers and detectives from Karratha Detectives Office have charged five people with a total of 20 firearm, weapon and drug offences.

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Source: ABC Pilbara