Alexander City, Ala.: Local bikers to host charity supply drive for foster children

Bikers Rally

Local biker groups Outcast Riding Family and One Love One Goal Riderz are organizing a supply drive for foster care in Tallapoosa, Coosa and Talledega counties on Saturday, Dec. 5.

The two groups will be joining local bikers at 10:30 a.m. “kickstands up” at the Alexander City Walmart to deliver supplies to each county’s Department of Human Resources (DHR). There, supplies will be distributed to local children in foster care.

The drive, called “For the Love of Our Children,” asks the public for donations to be delivered at the following drop box locations in the days leading up to the event:

• Tallapoosa County — Who’s Diner

• Talladega County — August BBQ

• Coosa County — Probate Office at Coosa County Courthouse

Outcast Riding Family member Pattie McLain asks participants to refer to each county DHR’s supply specifications. For Talladega County it’s diapers and wipes; Tallapoosa County is in need of $5 or $10 gift cards for fast food, Walmart, Dollar General and Visa; and Coosa County is in need of children’s coats.

Much of the coat demand has already been fulfilled but participants can also donate gift cards to the Coosa County drop box, McLain said.

For the Love of Our Children is a group effort, organized by McLain and One Love One Goal Riderz president August Stewart with other biker groups participating across East Alabama.

McLain is a prolific community volunteer — this will be her 13th or 14th benefit ride this year, she said. On Dec. 5, she’ll be delivering much of the supplies alongside the bikers in her boxed-in trailer

“Anybody and everybody that wants help contacts Pattie,” fellow Outcast Riding Family member Ike Smith said.

McLain’s riding benefits have a routine.

“Once we go over the route that we’re riding we always pray, then afterwards we always thank the brothers and sisters of the motorcycle world,” she said.

This year, riders will also be decamping post-benefit at August BBQ in Sylacauga.

Both Smith and McLain stress neither Outcast Riding Family nor One Love One Goal Riderz are motorcycle gangs.

“It’s not any particular club, it’s just local bikers who love to help,” she said. “(Bikers) get a bad rap sometimes.”

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Outcast Riding Family met regularly at Who’s Diner on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The group has been around for nearly a decade and has about 75 members, Smith said.  

The group has two common interests: biking and community service.  

“We do it because it’s the right thing to do,” McLain said. “We don’t do it for glory.”

For more information, contact Pattie McLain at 256-267-5374, August Stewart at 256-226-2296, Scott Vick at 256-404-3841 or Shakira Jackson at 256-404-6098. Participants do not have to have a motorcycle to help, McLain said. 

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Source: Alexander City Outlook