Ohio: Man killed in shooting at Toros Motorcycle Club identified

Toros MC

A man who was killed in a shooting outside the Toros Motorcycle Club in South Linden on Nov. 7 has been identified.

According to a police report, 28-year-old Demetrius Alexander, of the South Side, was pronounced dead around 3:45 a.m. Nov. 7. 

Officers had been called to the Toros Motorcycle Club, located at 1135 Cleveland Ave., on a report of a shooting. Initial reports indicated there were about 200 rounds fired. 

Alexander was found fatally wounded and two other men, 33-year-old Wayne Coffman, of the Northeast Side, and 29-year-old Dorian Martin, of the East Side, were wounded.

Both Coffman and Martin were taken to area hospitals for treatment of their injuries.

The motorcycle club was also the site of a drive-by shooting on June 23, 2019, that injured five people. At that time, the club was located at 1767 Genesee Ave. in North Linden.

Alexander’s homicide remains unsolved.

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Source: The Columbus Dispatch