Appeals Court rejects liability against Iron Order MC in $10M fatal bar brawl

Iron Order Motorcycle Club

In July 2018, a Philadelphia jury awarded $9.7 million to the family of a woman killed during a scuffle with bikers in 2015.

The brawl involved several members of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. The Iron Order MC had been one of several defendants sued, but the judge handling the case dismissed the motorcycle club from the case, saying the plaintiffs failed to show a significant connection between the national club and the members who participated in the fight.

But later, in 2019 plaintiffs asked the Pennsylvania Superior Court to reverse that decision, and have asked the appeals court to allow a jury determine whether the national Iron Order motorcycle club should be liable for the death.

In a post-trial opinion outlining his decision, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Kenneth Powell, who oversaw the trial, said the plaintiff was ”mak[ing] mountains of molehills” when it came to the connections between the national club and the members who participated in the fight, but a brief filed to the Superior Court said the judge improperly barred plaintiffs from introducing any evidence that could link the members’ actions to the national club.

As the Legal Intelligencer reports, the state Superior Court on Monday affirmed a trial court decision that had granted a compulsory nonsuit in favor of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club.

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By the materials of The Legal Intelligencer