Crazy Indians chapter forms in Smithers, British Columbia

Crazy Indians Brotherhood

Michael Balczer wants to dispel rumours there is a new “motorcycle gang” in Smithers.

Balczer is the founder of a new chapter of the Crazy Indians Nomads he is currently organizing in town.

“We are not a gang, we’re a non-profit organization,” he said.

“Our people need help out there, our people have been so desolated, so been put down by our governments; the Crazy Indians are here for First Nations people in Smithers.”

While by all reports, it is not a criminal enterprise, the organization does share many of the trappings that have come to characterize criminal motorcycle clubs including the leather “cuts” (vests) complete with colours (large back patch, in this case a stylized “crazy indian”), rockers and other patches indicating rank and chapter. Also, members must earn their way into the group by way of first being a prospect before being “patched in” formally.

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