Suspect denied bail in $600k theft


Burn after reading. That was one instruction police found contained in a note allegedly left by a suspect in the August theft of $600,000 cash.

It was read as part of testimony presented last week during a preliminary hearing for Chane Harris, also known by the nickname “Sawdust.”

thumb Chane Harris
Chane Harris

County prosecutors allege Harris and a Delta tire shop owner conspired to steal the cash from a spare tire belonging to a California man who had recently relocated to Millard County with his fiancé.

thumb Travis Zufelt September 7th 2020
Travis Zufelt

A preliminary hearing for Trav’z Tire & Repair owner Travis Zufelt was held in October, when an avalanche of potentially incriminating evidence in the case was unveiled. Much of the same material was presented again in the case against Harris, including the note he allegedly left his landlord before conveniently absconding from the area when police started asking questions.

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