Ontario: Two of the 15 individuals charged in the Project Skylark sentenced

Ontario Provincial Police along with Niagara Regional, Hamilton and Ottawa police departments announced Project Skylark which targeted drug trafficking and with other crimes in those jurisdictions. - Bob Tymczyszyn , Torstar

Two of the 15 individuals charged in the Project Skylark province-wide drug bust last year are now done with the courts, one heading to the penitentiary and the other to serve a year of house arrest.

“This pandemic is really scary and I hope the court will take that into account,” said Brandon Tupling of Orleans, near Ottawa, just before receiving a six-year penitentiary sentence Monday in the Ontario Court of Justice in Sudbury. “I apologize for everything I have done in the community.”

On Aug. 26, Tupling, 34, pleaded guilty to cocaine possession for the purpose of trafficking, fentanyl possession for the purpose of trafficking, and procuring, also known as human trafficking.

David Nan, 23, of Levack, who was facing 15 charges, meanwhile, pleaded guilty back Aug. 26 to two of them: possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking and methamphetamine trafficking.

Aaron (Joseph) Piccinetti, 42, of Greater Sudbury, meanwhile, was also scheduled to be sentenced Monday after having entered guilty pleas to some of his 14 charges on Aug. 26, but did not attend court due to a pending COVID-19 test.

Jovin Degre-Blais, 35, of Ottawa, was to have entered guilty pleas and be sentenced Monday, but that did not happen.

Keith Earle, 33, of Niagara Falls, entered guilty pleas to several of his 21 charges on Aug. 26 and will be sentenced Jan. 5.

Jacob Aubrey, 34 of Greater Sudbury, is headed to a preliminary hearing on his Project Skylark charges in January. He was initially charged with 56 offences.

William John (Jesse) Hunter, 31, of Niagara Falls, is still in resolution discussions with the Crown, but could be headed to a preliminary hearing. He was initially charged with nine offences.

A sentencing date, meanwhile, could be set Dec. 9 for Joshua Khosrowkhani, a full-patched Hells Angels Nomad chapter member from Ottawa who pleaded guilty in late July to a cocaine charge arising from Project Skylark.

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