Former Mongols bikie Tyson Ward slams ‘backstabbing and betrayal’ in club

Tyson Ward

Tyson Ward, a heavily tattooed six-foot-11 former Finks enforcer turned south Adelaide Mongols chapter president, fears his name will never be separated from his criminal past and told the Bulletin he had given up the club lifestyle to help others and make his late grandparents proud.

In a wide-ranging interview, Ward says he and his twin brother Matt are now on a mission to steer the next generation of potential bikies away from club life through the work of Arcofyre, an Adelaide-based rehabilitation consultancy for ex-offenders.

He slammed the young generation of bikies and unloaded on his former club the Mongols, which he left in 2017 when he felt it was no longer about “brotherhood” and instead “bickering and backstabbing”.

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