Massachusetts: Outlaws Motorcycle Club member from Hyannis arrested for gun and drug charges

Outlaws MC

HYANNIS – Barnstable Police Detectives say they had been investigating Travis S. Rockwell, age 36, of Hyannis, for over a month. According to a BPD media statement, an investigation was initiated on 12/19/2020 regarding Rockwell’s alleged involvement in illegal possession of firearms and narcotics.

On this past Friday – 1/22/2021 – Barnstable Police Detectives “armed with a search warrant” observed Rockwell riding away from his residence at 121 Dunn’s Pond Road on his motorcycle. Rockwell was wearing an Outlaws Motorcycle Club vest. Police conducted a traffic stop and Rockwell was placed under arrest. At some point, Rockwell acknowledged that he is a member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club’s Cape Cod Chapter, according to BPD Detectives.

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