NZ: Huge police presence at Hells Angels MC rally in Auckland’s Northcote

Hells Angels

Nearly 60 Hells Angels members and associates who gathered near the Backyard Bar and Restaurant on Northcote Rd on Saturday faced with huge police presence at the place of meeting.

By some sources, there were about 30 police vehicles packed with cops from different dept’s.

It looks like the police have mobilized all forces they had in this area just to try to spoil Hells Angels rally meanwhile real crime in the area remained unattended.

The cops were stopping motorcycles at the entrance to the parking lot checking the documents and taking details of the rally participants.

In the comments to the New Zealand Herald cops representative have told that the police were aware of a motorcycle run scheduled for Saturday involving members of the Hells Angels Nomads chapter to be held in the North Shore and Rodney areas and they would be actively monitoring the event, as previous events of that nature had caused concern for the community.

Cops also asked people who witnessed unsafe driving to note registration numbers and where possible to film it.

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