Prosecutors Reverse Request in Vagos OMC racketeering trial

Vagos MC

Federal prosecutors reversed their request to throw out the testimony of a star government witness who admitted he repeatedly lied on the witness stand during a racketeering trial for a group of reputed motorcycle gang members. 

Prosecutors wrote in a brief that they no longer objected to defense attorneys’ cross-examination of Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick.

Last week Assistant U.S. Attorney John Han said prosecutors had “grave concerns” about the truth of Rudnick’s testimony but suggested they could still prove their case.

Rudnick, who cooperated with authorities, had spent more than three days telling jurors that members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club had plotted to kill a rival biker in Sparks in 2011.

He later admitted that he lied about having met with one of the defense attorneys and a private investigator in the case.

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