Ice Cold Ryders MC raised about $ 17,000 in donations to cover school lunch debts

Ice Cold Ryders MC

Minot Public School’s lunch debt policy on unpaid school lunch debt has been getting extensive attention recently.

Ice Cold Ryders motorcycle club should be commended for the sizable donations the organization has made to address unpaid school lunch debt.

However, it would be nice if funding could be found, either through federal grants or some other means, to contribute to existing federal funds in providing school lunches for every child in the school district. No child should be embarrassed by being provided an “alternate meal” of a peanut butter sandwich in a paper bag if his parents have failed to pay the school lunch bill. School officials have said that the alternate meals are rarely provided to children and it is done discreetly, but it is still likely that all of a child’s classmates know which kids have money in their lunch accounts and which do not. Children also do better in school when they have been well fed and do not have to worry about school lunch debt.

The Minot Daily News reported this past week the Ice Cold Ryders organization has raised close to $17,000 in donations through fundraisers over the past couple years, with the funds intended to address school lunch debt.

Lashone Brown, parent of a Minot Public School student and president of the motorcycle club, suggested to Minot School Board members this past week they come up with a policy to ensure the donations are used directly to address the school lunch debt instead of waiting for funding to be distributed from a district-wide fund by building principals who have noticed certain families are struggling to pay the lunch bill.

The school board is taking a look at the school lunch debt policy, made some changes and that is good. Food service director Ivy Thorson has been asked to return to the board meeting next month with more suggestions about the updated lunch policy. Hopefully, the issues will be resolved to work for the best for everyone involved.

Thank you to the Ice Cold Ryders for seeing a need in the community and stepping up to help.

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Source: Minot Daily News