The Court of Quebec is declining gun licenses for Hells Angels and their supporters

Hells Angels

Biker club members who support the Hells Angels display “serious lack of judgment” and adhere to “certain values ​​that do not correspond to what is expected of a gun licensee fire “.

This is why three members of the Rebel Riders motorcycle club must not recover their firearms license, according to a recent decision by judge Thierry Potvin, of the Court of Quebec, rendered in Amos.

Marc Alarie, Alain Charette and Walter Leszczynski, members of the Rebel Riders, went to court to try to overturn the decision of the Chief Firearms Officer to revoke their license or to refuse one, because of their ties to the Hells Angels.

Rebel Riders president Jean-Guy Alarie testified before the court that his club members were only “a group of friends who ride motorcycles”, although they are very organized, with a hierarchy and regulations to be observed.

He admitted that the acronym MC (for motorcycle club ), which appears on the club jackets, is controlled by the Hells Angels, but denies any affiliation with criminal bikers. “Mr. Alarie claims that he does not know what the members of the Hells Angels are doing and that he does not ask them questions. On this aspect, the Court does not believe it for obvious reasons ”, underlines the judgment.

Marc Alarie, Alain Charette and Walter Leszczynski acknowledged that they wore pins indicating “Support 81”. “This inscription refers to the Hells Angels since the 8 represents the eighth letter of the alphabet, that is to say an H, and the 1 refers to the first letter of the alphabet, that is to say A. HA being the usual acronym for Hells Angels ”, we learn in the judgment.

Drugs, prostitution and murder

Even if they admit to knowing its meaning, the three men maintain that it was only the aesthetic aspect of this pin that interested them. The court rejected this explanation, noting that “it seems unlikely that all members of an organization have exactly the same aesthetic tastes in jewelry.”

“The applicants may not have weighed the importance of this symbol. Perhaps they were lazy or oblivious? Asks Justice Potvin.

Walking around in public with a badge that shows support for the Hells Angels is troubling to say the least. No one can ignore what the members in good standing of this organization represent. Far from being altar boys, these people are involved, among other things, in drug trafficking, prostitution control and several murders for the benefit of their organization.

Extract from the decision of judge Thierry Potvin

The Rebel Riders are considered supporters of the Hells Angels, testified Sergeant Patrice Boucher, of the Sûreté du Québec. Some of their members have been observed with members of the Hells Angels in good standing at funerals, dinners, fairs or other occasions, he said.

“In our country, having a gun is a privilege. This privilege is highly regulated and a license is necessary for the possession of such a weapon. a permit for individuals related to the Hells Angels.

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Source: La Presse