Detention of Finnish suspect in drug smuggling extended

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The council chamber of the Northern Netherlands court has extended the detention for a 76-day term of a 48-year-old suspect from Helsinki for alleged involvement in international drug trafficking.

The man is suspected in involvement into the export of 86 kilos of speeds, money laundering and participation in a criminal organization.

The Finn is one of the suspects in the investigation by the police and Public Prosecution Service of the Northern Netherlands into international drug trafficking that led to arrests and the interception of a batch of amphetamine in early March 2020.

Drug lines

The drug lines that came into view during this investigation ran from Friesland to Finland and United Kingdom / Ireland. On Monday March 2, a transport of 86 packages of amphetamine was intercepted in Groningen on the A7 highway just before the German border. Each package weighed approximately one kilogram. This lot has an estimated street value (in Finland) of € 700,000.

More arrests in case possible

Some suspects are members of the Motorcycle Clubs. It concerns a member of the Hells Angels Harlingen, a member of the Hells Angels Finland and a member of the Red Devils in Leeuwarden. The criminal investigation department does not exclude more arrests in this investigation.

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Source: Openbaar Ministerie