Court sentenced an organizer of attack on Hamburg Hells Angels boss to life imprisonment

Hamburg – In a trial for almost fatal shots at a Hells Angels boss in Hamburg-St. The three accused have been sentenced to prison for jointly attempted murder involving serious and dangerous bodily harm. “It is a cowardly act of revenge based on culturally shaped and exaggerated honors,” said presiding judge Jessica Koerner at the verdict on Thursday.

On the night of August 27, 2018, five shots were fired at a Hells Angels boss when he had to stop in front of a traffic light at the Millerntor in Hamburg with his Bentley. The then 38-year-old was critically injured in the head and upper body and has been paraplegic ever since.

The 29-year-old main accused, former boss of Mongols MC, who, according to the Hamburg Regional Court, is believed to have commissioned the shooter to do the deed from prison, was sentenced to life imprisonment. His 73-year-old father has been imprisoned for nine years and six months. The third defendant, the suspected shooter from Bulgaria, was sentenced to six years and nine months in prison and is then to be sent to a psychiatric hospital.

Shooting was alleged to have been a personal act of revenge by the instigator for a robbery in which he and his former girlfriend had been seriously injured several years earlier. Accordingly, he blamed the regional boss of the competing Hells Angels. The shooter is said to have been paid 10,000 euros for the attack.

In the first trial, the instigator’s girlfriend had already been sentenced to twelve years in prison as an accomplice. She had been driving the car the contract killer shot out of. The ruling lasted before the Federal Court of Justice and became final, so she was not tried again.

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