Interim hearing group of suspects in Caloh Wagoh trial

Caloh Wagoh

In the major liquidation process surrounding motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh, the Central Netherlands court discussed the cases against a group of eight suspects, including Delano R., alias ‘Keylow’ (50), at an interim hearing on Friday. He is said to have been the leader of the suspected murder gang.

On May 6, the court dedicated a hearing to a group of six suspects in the case. Because of the corona measures, the court holds two hearings, so as not to have too many people in the courthouse and courtroom. The process takes place in the extra secure room of the Schiphol Judicial Complex.

Caloh Wagoh Process

The extensive investigation, called Eris, includes eleven murder missions, five of which were carried out. According to the Public Prosecution Service, Caloh Wagoh delivered ‘murder to order’. Justice draws evidence from statements by key witness Tony de G., aged 35, and from an endless series of encrypted messages between the suspects and other accomplices, which openly speak of contract killings. Much of it was found by Delano R., who had saved those messages and other data. R. is a co-founder of Caloh Wagoh.

Ridouan Taghi, who was arrested in Dubai in December, is said to have been the gang’s main ‘customer’. The Public Prosecution Service has not yet decided whether to prosecute him in Eris. Taghi is already being prosecuted in another very extensive liquidation process, called Marengo. That too revolves around a series of criminal statements. Sessions will take place in Marengo on May 18 and 19.

The investigation is still in progress. Last month, a suspect was arrested, who is allegedly involved in the murder of the Belgian businessman Stefaan Bogaerts (55) in 2017. The case is part of the big picture.

The COVID measures lead to delays in the Eris investigation, the Public Prosecution Service said last week. Hearing of suspects and witnesses has been postponed. It is currently impossible to predict how serious the delay will be. For the time being, the substantive handling of the case is planned for next year.

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Source: Nieuws