Motorcycle club honors fallen brothers during Motorcycle Safety Month

Brothers Keepers MC ND

BISMARCK, N.D. – May is motorcycle safety month. For members of Brothers Keepers Motorcycle Club, it’s a time to honor fallen members with a 170 mile ride.

The ride started in 2013, when a member was killed in a crash on his way to work.

“We like to definitely talk about them and honor their memory because they were part of our family, it’s like losing a brother or a family member. So, it’s always hard and we just want to make sure that their memory stays alive,” said Brothers Keepers MC president, Eric “Rebel” Vetter.

They do that with a yearly, one-day 170 mile ride from Bismarck to Washburn and through portions of McLean and Sheridan county.

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Source: KFYR5