Eagle Riders stop at Capitol, raise awareness for children’s mental health

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – For more than a decade a group of motorcyclists have racked up hundreds of miles driving across the state for one important mission.
This year’s ride ended Saturday afternoon.

Not even a global pandemic and severe weather can stop the Eagle Riders from traveling across the state. This is all in an effort to raise awareness about children’s mental health.

The Eagle Riders are a group of volunteer motorcyclists across Nebraska.
They kicked off the 13th Annual Pony Express ride in Scottsbluff a few days ago and ended at the capitol steps Saturday afternoon.
They’re delivering letters from kids and families about the benefits of mental health services. These letters are then given to the Department of Health and Human Services who takes them to Gov. Pete Ricketts’ desk.

“It’s very important for us to come out and do this,” said Eagle Rider Bill Primrose.
“We’ve seen some of the cases that come out about the abuse of children, and we advocate for more support, more health care programs for them because eventually they will be our future leaders.”

The riders say even though bikers look big and tough they’re all passionate about the safety and well being of children.

If someone is struggling with mental health the health department says a good first step is to reach out to the Nebraska family helpline at
(888) 866-8660.

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Source: 10 11 Now