Biker groups stand guard at Lincoln Park Kwik Trip to keep employees safe in Duluth, Mn

DULUTH, MN– During the Saturday night riots at the Lincoln Park Kwik Trip an employee was attacked by several people in the parking lot.

Sunday, The Duluth Chapter of the Themadones MC, a motorcycle club, stood watch to escort employees to their cars at the end of their shift.

Joe Miller, a member of the Themadones, says that the Kwik Trip is a frequent stop for them and see the employees often so they are glad they could be there to keep them safe.

“We are here to make sure the employees get to there vehicles safe, after watching the video from last night. We come here all the time and they are all happy we are here to make sure everything went okay,” Miller said.

Joe Miller

KBJR6 crew was at the Kwik Trip Sunday night and says that there were no protests, riots or crowds there at the time.

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Source: KBJR6