Police identify biker who punched a BLM protester in Bethel, Ohio. Warrant issued.

Johnnie Bryon Devault is accused of striking Nicholas Reardon “in the back of his head in an attempt to cause physical harm.

Police have identified the 64-year-old biker who sucker punched a seemingly peaceful Black Lives Matter protester in Ohio as Johnnie Bryon Devault, according to an affidavit posted to The Smoking Gun.

The protester, identified by the Clermont Sun as Nicholas Reardon, is seen on video surrounded by an unruly group of counterprotesters who reportedly arrived on motorcycles. The mob surrounds the man, chanting “USA” and berating him with obscenities.

While the victim calmly looks forward at the angry counterprotesters, the scrawny assailant punches him in the back of his head. A police officer standing in front of the man claimed not to have experienced the attack. He pointed for Reardon to leave the area, which Reardon did.

Cops in Bethel, Ohio, roughly 30 miles from Cincinnati, are on the hunt for Devault, thanks to video of the incident.

“During a Black Lives Matter Protest Johnnie Byron Devault did punch a protester in the back of his head in an attempt to cause physical harm. This incident was recorded on several devises (sic) and surrendered to police as evidence of a crime,” the affidavit reads. “Several crime tips from the public assisted in identifying Johnnie.”

Devault lives 15 miles from where the protest took place, but was at one point registered to vote in Florida, where he was twice charged with driving without a license.

A person claiming to be the victim posted on Reddit that he doesn’t believe the police officer standing in front of the victim witnessed the sucker-punch. Numerous commenters on the message board vouched for the posting’s authenticity.

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Source: Daily News