Motorcyclists hold birthday biker parade for North Carolina girl battling leukemia

Vehicle parades have been springing up throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Motorcyclists in North Carolina held a notable one Saturday.

It was a birthday party for a little girl battling leukemia. Firefighters and police joined others to make her smile and raise money for her recovery. Charlotte is the name of the birthday girl, and she turned two-years-old!

“I’m very passionate about this because my son passed away from complications of a bone marrow transplant at 15-months-old. So any time that I can help someone else who’s in this situation, I’m all for it. So, when the mom reached out to me and said that Charlotte wanted a “Moto-tyco pa-wade,” we had to step up!”

In the end, the bikers were able to present them with a sizable check and memories that will last a lifetime.

Watch video here:

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Source: News 8 by Hector Ramirez II