Habitual consorting and drug possession charges for Comanchero MC members in Brisbane

Comanchero MC

In an ongoing operation to identify and disrupt motorcycle clubs from consorting, officers from the State Crime Command’s Taskforce Maxima, Organised Crime Gangs Group, have charged a 34-year-old and 31-year-old man in Brisbane with consorting and drug offences.

During proactive policing activities of licensed premises, officers from Taskforce Maxima attended a Brisbane, James Street business on Sunday evening, when they saw a group of men together, who it will be alleged, are known members of the Comanchero MC.

A total of six consorting notices were issued to the group.

Additionally, the two men were charged with possessing dangerous drugs and are due to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on August 24.

Consorting notices make it illegal for members of “declared criminal organisations” to associate or keep company with other club members.

Detective Acting Superintendent Craig McGrath of the Organised Crime Gangs Group said Taskforce Maxima will continue working with local police and the community to disrupt illegal and anti-social behaviour associated with gangs, including during Covid 19 restrictions.

“Members of criminal gangs who consort together will not be tolerated, so as restrictions ease, our specialist investigators will continue working with local police checking on licensed premises throughout the state, including on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane to deter and disrupt offending,” Detective Acting Superintendent McGrath said.

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Source: QLD Police