Bikers Against Child Abuse holds Poker Run fundraiser


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Bikers Against Child Abuse is intended to create a safe environment for abused children and the Northeast Kansas Chapter held a Poker Run fundraiser to continue support for those who need it.

Since 2005, the NE Kansas Chapter has been invested in supporting kids experiencing child abuse.

Belle, NE Kansas Chapter Secretary and State Public Relations Director for BACA, said they help kids anyway they can.

“We send them to therapy. If someone needs to go kick boxing to deal with some of their anger, we can help them pay for that. If they need just gas cards to get to a therapist because they live out of town, we can help with that and we also accompany all of our children to court so they have a friendly face to look at when they’re trying to testify.”

The event began at the Historic Harley-Davidson. The bikers drove around to different pit stops to receive a poker playing card and by the end of the event, each person would have a full poker hand.

Whoever had the best hand won the game and received a payout.

“Poker Runs are pretty common in the biker community. We still wanted to have an event but not one where we all had to be right next to each other all the time, we wanted to make sure we were appropriately socially distanced.”

Belle and the other 20 patch members of BACA are primaries to at least one child. They supervise and try to ensure safety for the child.

“We see and hear some of the worst of humanity and we can’t show that. We’re there to make sure our kids have a pleasant face to look at and have a safe spot.”

Belle said they are experiencing more child abuse because of COVID-19 causing more kids to not be able to escape their environment.

“The instances of child abuse are just sky rocketed because kids are home, teachers aren’t seeing them, not out in the community having reports made. It’s really imperative that we get the message out that just because the world is shut down, doesn’t mean children aren’t being abused.”

Belle said it can be stressful looking over multiple children but knows it’s beneficial to look over those that need it.

“As bad as it is for us to hear, it’s not nearly as bad as what they went through.”

BACA is an internationally known organization that has been around for 25 years.

They take donations online as well.

If a child needs help, you may call their hotline at (785) 817- 5801

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Source: WIBW13