Hells Angels members arrested for allegedly killing leader of Bronx Pagans Francisco Rosado

Hells Angels vs Pagans

Cops have arrested three Hells Angels suspected in the assassination of a rival Pagans Motorcycle Club leader, police sources said.

Francisco Rosado, 51, was shot dead by a pair of masked gunmen on Holland Avenue near Mace Avenue in Allerton at about 3:20 p.m on May 2, according to police.

Cops charged Frank “Loose Cannon” Tatulli, 58, Anthony Destefano, 27, and Sayanon Thongthwath, 29, with murder, manslaughter and weapons possession for the May assassination of 51-year-old Francisco Rosado in a parking lot near the Bronx building where the victim worked as a super.

Police sources said that at least two from three men taken into custody were high-ranking members of the Hells Angels, who escalated a turf beef after the rival biker club tried to move into The Bronx.

Rosado, the leader of the Bronx chapter of the Pagans Motorcycle Club, was shot once in the head and the chest and died at the scene.

The triggermen took off in a blue Jeep Cherokee with stolen plates, cops said.

The biker club is based up and down the East Coast with more than 1,000 members — and have been connected to drugs, tattoo parlors, strip clubs and junkyards.

Earlier Hells Angels opened clubhouse in Bronx which was sprayed by bullets very soon after its establishment.

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