More 75 bikers escort a 2-year-old’s body to his funeral

AVOYELLES PARISH, La. (KALB) – Saturday morning, more than 75 bikers showed up at the Y-Not-Stop in Mansura to show respect for a 2-year-old that passed away.

“All these bikes gathered up because this little angel that’s fly away today,” Katie Cooper, a biker who helped organize the event, said. “He loved motorbikes and wanted to be a part of a motorbike club and ride motorbikes. So, they all gathered up today so we can escort him to his resting place.”

The child’s love for bikes turned into his family’s biggest support system.

“It’s great to show support for Malcolm and the family,” Terry Bonnette said. “They are personal friends of ours, and it’s just a great show of support.”

“Carter was a friend of Malcolm,” Betty Dauzat, a family friend of the two-year-old, said. “Malcolm is a family friend of my kids. He’s always been there for us when we need it. And at a time with race and color being a problem, I thought, what better way to show that we can all come together as a community.”

Posted by Rushing J. Juneau on Saturday, July 25, 2020

Altogether, the bikers and the hearse carrying the two-year-old rode off into the sunset for one last time.

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Source: KALB