Bikers activity on the rise in Cape Breton, police say

Police in Cape Breton say at least two motorcycle clubs are recruiting on the island and their memberships are increasing.

Police say they have reason to suspect a new clubhouse is also being established in the Coxheath area. 

Outlaw motorcycle clubs first started cropping up on the island in 2015.

Const. John Campbell of the Cape Breton Regional Police Service said growing activity is tied to a flourishing drug trade. 

Four known clubs

“Right now we have four motorcycle gangs: the Outlaws, the Black Pistons, the Highlanders and the Salty Souls,” Campbell said.

“There’s a huge market here for cocaine right now and they’ll take any opportunity they can to make money for their club, for their organization, and it’s strength in numbers.” 

Campbell said clubhouse members often portray themselves as good neighbours and motorcycle enthusiasts. 

“They do fundraising for different events or for special causes,” he said. 

“They want that to stick out in people’s minds so that when the police do enforce them, then the community is wondering, ‘Why are the police bothering these decent people?'”

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