Martinsburg, WV: Sorry Souls Motorcycle Club steps in to serve local families Thanksgiving dinner

Sorry Souls WV

MARTINSBURG — When COVID-19 put a halt to any Thanksgiving plans the Jefferson County Boys and Girls Club had, the local chapter of the Sorry Souls Motorcycle Club was there to step in. When COVID-19 put a stop to the Thanksgiving plans of the Berkeley and Morgan County clubs, too, the Sorry Souls were there yet again.

Members of the Jefferson County Sorry Souls spent their weekend raising funds for projects for the local Boys and Girls Club as well as the Jefferson County Community Ministries before coming together with members of all the local chapters Sunday to deliver more than 40 meals to families in need.

“No way would the Sorry Souls MC let this pandemic steal Thanksgiving dinner,” Jefferson County chapter president Scoob said.

Partners in community outreach, the Jefferson County Boys and Girls Club reached out to Scoob and his brothers about a month ago, looking for 30 turkeys to help feed local families who may go without that special meal on the holiday. Immediately agreeing to find what the club needed, the Sorry Souls got to work.

Ten days later, plans changed when a staff member contracted the virus and staff needed to quarantine, the Jefferson County sites all needing to close temporarily because that person floated between locations.

Thats when the Sorry Souls came together and figured they’d be able to step in, dropping off meals that wouldn’t otherwise be provided.

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