B.C., Canada: Surrey Police Board member have faced questions for photos with the Hells Angels

A member of the Surrey Police Board was photographed posing with two full-patch members of the Hells Angels at a 2018 memorial service.

The photos of board member Harley Chappell and White Rock Hells Angels Brent Milne and Douglas (Doc) Riddoch were posted on a Facebook tribute to Carla Newman, who died in 2018. Newman was a relative of David (Clap) Newman, who is a former member of the Angels’ White Rock chapter.

Another ex-member is Chappell’s father, Philip, who left the club in 1992.

On his own Facebook page last year, Harley Chappell posted a birthday tribute to his dad that included an old photo of Philip Chappell wearing his “colours” — the vest and the patch indicating membership in the Angels.

Surrey Police Board member Harley Chappell posted a birthday tribute to his dad, Philip, on Facebook on Nov. 14, 2019, that included an old photo of his dad wearing his Hells Angels vest. Philip left the biker club in 1992, his son says.

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